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For retail and grocery stores, the difference between a clean environment and a dirty one could be the difference between a one-time customer and a lifetime customer.

No matter how fresh the produce or how great the service, if customers find dirty floors and restrooms in your store, it will taint their perception of your brand. If you don’t care enough about keeping the store clean, how concerned are you about your products?

The professionals at CSG are here to provide you a grocery store cleaning service to help you make impactful first impressions. When your store is clean, customers feel safer, their confidence in you is higher, and your sales are enhanced by a well-kept enterprise.

The Grocery Store Cleaning Package

It’s safe to say there are many areas to cover in your grocery store when it comes to cleaning. Not only do you have the areas that people can’t see such as the stock rooms, supply closets and employee-only areas, you also have areas that customers see immediately such as the entrance and the check-out.

So what’s the best way to maximize your facility’s cleanliness? Hire CSG to provide you daily supermarket cleaning services — and here’s why.

We offer the services of:

  • Janitorial services: You and your employees shouldn’t have to run about restocking toilet paper and taking out the trash every night. With our services, you can focus on restocking produce and making sure everything is ready retail wise for your customers the next day.
  • Dusting: Dust can not only ruin your produce but make customers disgusted by what they touch and not trust you. Even if things are on the shelf for a while, they should stay clean.
  • Floorcare: Every place in a grocery store can be considered a high-traffic area. With our supermarket floor cleaning we can sweep and mop away dirt and grime, especially after a long day of snow or rain. That way the next day your customers come in everything looks brand new.
  • Window Cleaning: Yes, we clean windows at no extra charge! Your windows say a lot about you to the customer as they walk in. Your windows should be so clean the customer can look through them and see exactly what you have to offer.
  • Outside Services: Not many other grocery store cleaning services can say they’ll handle the outside of your facility as well, but we can! We can power wash your building’s exterior while also assisting in keeping up the parking lot.

The services we usually provide within our grocery store cleaning service are comprehensive and clean your store from top to bottom. It’s completely customizable so if there’s something you don’t think you need or you want to add you can do that.

Client Testimonial:

“I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for the partnership that Laura Rich established with myself and other Store Opening Coordinators in our Georgia/South Georgia Regional Stores. Laura went above and beyond to help ensure our Grand Openings went off without any concerns pertaining to our floors and floor service. She was very involved before and after the floor strips to ensure all stores had the proper amount of product so that each store would be at their best for our customers and to ensure that after the openings, that the floor service providers were properly trained, and expectations communicated. She attended many Grand Opening events and visited each store to make that in-person connection to each of the Store Managers that each one was appreciative of.

I hope that our partnership will continue in these Regions of our operation area and hope that this partnership can be grown in the future. Thank you again for all you have done and will continue to do in helping our Brand grow.”

– Strategic Initiatives Manager, National Grocery Chain

The Benefits of Regular Cleaning

It’s not a secret that our customers love working with us. Professionality is one of the top reasons we shine in our customers’ eyes and we only get better with time.

But what are the benefits that come to you with regular grocery store cleaning? We can talk to you all day about the benefits of working with us, but as a business owner, you need to see what opportunities come to you through our cleaning service.

A few of the main benefits of a regular cleaning service includes:

  • Efficiency: When you hire a cleaning service, we handle everything for you in a timely fashion. No more waiting around for another employee to take out the trash, mop the floors or dust the shelves. We handle all of that for you. More importantly, your employees are able to focus on their actual jobs, becoming much more efficient, rather than take time away to clean.
  • Consistency: If there’s one thing about cleaning that becomes an issue it’s that it’s not done regularly and the same way to ensure it’s clean. With a trusted cleaning service, your space is cleaned daily the exact way it needs to be to ensure cleanliness and safety.
  • Safety: Germs and bacteria can wreak havoc on a workforce if you let it. With a daily cleaning service, we can make sure all germs and bacteria are taken care of before they cause a problem. This will not only make your customers feel better but boost work morale among your employees as well, motivating them to work more efficiently because they feel cared about.

We don’t say these things without knowing what we’re talking about. You can read the highlights of one of our biggest clients, Wegmans Grocery, that will showcase to you the benefits of a daily cleaning service.

Why Hire CSG over other Professional Cleaning Companies?

Cleaning and housekeeping for retail and grocery stores should be trusted to a professional company because they are trained to do it properly. Cleaning Services Group, Inc. provides expert grocery store cleaning services to grocery and retail facilities .

Our workplace is a collaborative environment where everybody contributes their ideas to make the business better, even the daily cleaning crews. Some additional reasons to hire CSG over other professional cleaning companies:

  • Hygiene. Not only is a dirty store unsightly, it can present health hazards for customers and employees. Employee illness leads to absences that will affect customer service and your overall bottom line. CSG makes sure all areas are not only cleaned but sanitized.
  • Cost. Because CSG provides cleaning services nationwide, we can buy products and materials at a bulk rate. We pass these savings on to our customers.
  • Accountability. CSG uses a proprietary tool to hold our people accountable. The CSG Auditing Platform (CAP™) is the only software in the industry that combines scheduling, internal audits, 3rd party audits, and reporting on KPI metrics.
  • Safety. Wet, slippery floors and potentially dangerous chemicals can present possible injuries and health issues to those untrained in the safety and cautionary procedures to do the job. If they are injured, you’ll be dealing with workman’s compensation claims and absences. We provide intensive training to all our workers, so that they provide the safest and most efficient ways to provide the cleaning and housekeeping services for you. We are bonded and insured, so that you are not liable in the case of injury while our staff is performing the job.
  • Consistency. CSG prides itself in low employee turnover. We believe that it’s important to retain trained individuals who provide quality service to our clients. That means you get experienced staff to clean your facility.

Because CSG has a process in place that holds our staff accountable, you won’t need to manage our people. You can manage your company without having to worry about whether your cleaning company is doing its job.

Hire CSG’s Professional Supermarket Cleaning Service

At Cleaning Services Group, Inc., we know the importance of a clean store. That’s why we pay special attention to these sensitive areas when we provide service to our retail and grocery store clients.

Contact us today to learn how we can provide your retail facility with the professional cleaning it needs.

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