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Construction Cleanup Services

Construction is a messy, dirty, dusty job. When your building is ready for occupancy, the last thing you want to do is tackle the dust that gets left behind. You’ve chosen the best-of-the-best contractors to handle your new construction or renovation projects, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best at cleaning up after themselves. You’re excited about moving in, but the reality of dealing with the mess might leave you less than excited.

Cleaning after construction is different from regular cleaning. Sawdust, silica and drywall dust settle on the baseboards, the light fixtures and on just about every horizontal surface, and your facility needs special attention to ensure all the dust is actually gone—or you’ll be tracking dust around and breathing it in for months.

CSG provides construction cleanup services for clients in various industries, from large, new construction jobs to small remodeling projects. We know our clients’ businesses are growing and changing. Remodeling or adding onto your building when you begin to outgrow your space is thrilling, but it brings with it a new set of challenges—keeping your building clean throughout the process while you maintain your business operations, for one.

Here’s the good news: We can help. Ensuring that your space is tidy might mean additional cleanings to remove the inevitable influx of dust. You might just need one cleaning visit after construction concludes, but the construction in your building may also warrant daily visits to clear away construction materials and keep operations going.

Regardless of your needs, we have the experience, equipment and staff to handle construction cleanup for you so you can enjoy your new space.

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Construction Cleanup Challenges

A large concern for property managers and building owners is to keep the facility looking spotless even in the midst of construction. You don’t have time to halt your business practices for the length of renovations. Regardless of what’s happening within the building, if it looks messy and haphazard, your clients’ impressions of your business can suffer.

Additionally, you’ll probably have to continue working in your space; the last thing you want is to  leave customers with a negative impression of a messy or unkempt facility. Whether you need a team to come in throughout construction to stay up on the day-to-day removal of construction debris or just a visit to complete the final detailing when the contracting work is complete, CSG always prioritizes your company’s image and the overall appearance of your building.

CSG also recognizes that it’s vital to keep your building clean and healthy for the employees who will be working in the building during the remodel. Construction dust and debris can creep into the parts of the office that are still in use, regardless of the efforts your contractor makes to keep the construction zone sealed off.

With that in mind, we’re willing to adjust your weekly cleaning schedule temporarily during construction to keep your employees working at full capacity. After years of experience, we've learned that to keep our clients’ buildings as clean as possible, we must stay flexible with our availability. If construction is taking place during the day, our crews are available after and before business hours to keep your facility looking its best during construction.

Our Construction Cleanup Services

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “after the dust settles”? But once the construction crews leave and the dust settles, you need a crew that can address all the dust that’s left. Construction cleanup is much more than a regular cleaning visit. Post-construction cleanup services involve all kinds of special techniques to remove the dust and debris that remain after the contractors pack up and leave.

Our post-construction cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning lights, and removing the dust.
  • Dusting air diffusers.
  • Dusting window sills and molding.
  • Spot cleaning walls.
  • Wiping down cabinets.
  • Wiping interior glass and windows.
  • Dust mopping hard floors, and damp mopping wherever necessary.
  • Cleaning and polishing restroom fixtures, and removing fingerprints.
  • Vacuuming carpets.
  • Removing smudge marks.
  • And much more.

After construction is finished, there’s a lot for your construction cleanup service to take care of. We’ll start with a rough cleanup to remove all the visible mess like adhesive, caulking, paint overspray and drywall dust. Then we’ll follow up with a thorough washing to ensure a sparkling clean from floor to ceiling so you can enjoy your new space without having to worry about the extra mess.

Construction Cleanup Safety Concerns

Safety is a big concern around construction sites whether they’re big or small. In recognition of the issues related to construction, we have designated crews that specialize in construction sites. We work closely with your construction manager in the cleanup process to ensure that everyone stays safe.

CSG cleanup services can be used throughout your construction project; in fact, you can rest assured that our crews have a clear understanding of the construction process. Our team will not hinder the progress your builder has made whether we clean during or after construction.

All of the CSG team members on your cleaning staff will remain up to speed on relevant safety protocols, including specific procedures that are required when cleaning in a construction area. Whether it's hard hats, safety glasses, boots or heavy-duty gloves for carrying debris, we provide our staff with the necessary PPE (personal protective equipment). We are a fully licensed and bonded cleaning company, so you won’t be taking on any risk when our crew cleans at your construction site.

CSG will meet you and your contractor at your building to discuss the details related to your project. We will work with you to plan out our part in your construction project to ensure we know your expectations of our crews. In addition to providing our team with the necessary PPE, we use all our own cleaning equipment. When you hire CSG, the entire cleaning process is in our hands.

The Nation’s Top Construction Cleanup Crew

You may already know Cleaning Services Group as a renowned commercial cleaning and janitorial services company, but we’re also quite experienced at handling the mess that gets left behind after renovations or new construction. Our construction site cleanup services will get you back into your space without all the dust that remains after the construction ends. 

With over 40 locations nationwide, we can help with all of your cleaning needs, from window cleaning and floor maintenance to routine cleanings and daily services. Construction site cleaning is another service in which CSG excels. In our years of experience, we’ve never given up on our business, and we’ll never give up trying to remove all the residual dust particles during and after construction. We have a long history of problem solving for our clients, and no matter what kinds of messes are left behind after the tools are packed away and the trucks leave the parking lot, we can handle it. 

Take a look at our long list of stellar reviews from satisfied clients, then call our customer service team to talk about your construction cleanup project. See how we can help you seamlessly grow your building and transform your offices while keeping your employees and clients in a healthy and clean environment. 

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