CSG Auditing Platform(CAP™) – Proprietary Software Designed For You

You have high expectations of your janitorial service, and rightfully so. That is why we developed our proprietary CAP™ software, to allow our people to deliver on those expectations.

Accountability isn’t just a claim we make on our website. It’s our commitment to each and every client. Accountability for delivering results is only possible when every person in our organization takes ownership to deliver the best customer experience. The result is less than 20% employee turnover, which enables us to deliver consistent, quality cleaning to your facility.


CAP™ CSG Platform is the proprietary tool we use to define the results we hold our people accountable to deliver. It enables us to meet your standards and do it consistently.


CSG has a Customer Service Blueprint that works. Daily monitoring allows us to be Proactive rather than Reactive, correcting issues in real-time.


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