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3 Pest control tips for your office building

Springtime is just around the corner, so now’s the time to start reviewing pest control tips.

While many pests might have been lying dormant all winter long, they will come back and with a vengeance when the weather turns warmer. A good facility manager will work with a licensed pest control company to ensure the building remains a safe and healthy working environment. Take a moment to look at the following pest control tips to make sure your building has a plan to keep unwanted visitors away. 

Pest Control Tip #1: Trouble Locations

No one wants pests in the entryway to their office building, let alone at the front desk or in the conference room. To keep these areas clean, it’s important to determine where the bugs are entering as well as where they like to congregate.

Here are some of the most common spots where you might find unwelcome pests:

  • Lighting on the outside of the building will attract insects. If you can control your lighting fixtures, keep them away from the entrances to the building.
  • Dumpsters and trash receptacles should also be kept away from the entrances. Smells given off by decaying trash are breeding areas for pests. If at all possible, keeping them behind a fence is an even better option.

Aside from the exteriors, there are key areas of your building you need to make sure are kept clean.

  • Dining areas are always important places to keep clean to prevent germs from spreading, but in order to keep your office building free of pests, the break rooms or kitchen areas are vital to winning the fight. Keep food in sealed containers, make sure trash is taken out regularly, and wipe out all food debris from sinks or on counters.
  • Bathrooms, especially the drains must also be kept clean and clear of debris. Bugs are attracted to the smell and can get in through small cracks in windows or the drains near the restrooms.

Pest control tip #2: Perform proactive Maintenance

Building maintenance plays a very important part in keeping your business pest free. Damages to the building’s exterior can invite insects—cracks and holes should be immediately filled and repaired.

Additionally, maintaining your landscaping is a pivotal part of pest control. All shrubbery should be neatly trimmed and never allowed to overgrow. These are places bugs can breed and build nests. Basements should not be overlooked, either; if your building doesn’t have a humidifier system built in, keeping a humidifier in the basement can help keep the bugs away.

Pest Control Tip #3: Know the Trouble Signs

Unfortunately, you might take all the proper precautions for your building and still encounter pest control issues. Knowing the early warning signs of a bug or rodent infestation will help you to win the battle against springtime pests in your office building.

  • Dead bugs or exoskeleton sheddings in the corners
  • Webs in corners or on ceiling lights
  • Droppings on walls or floors
  • Scratching or rustling noises in walls or ceilings

The best way to fight pests in your office building is keeping it clean. CSG can help your building stay as clean and healthy as possible. Our teams are highly trained to your buildings specific needs. Contact our team of experts to set up your services today!

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