Post-Construction Cleanup

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Seeing your industrial building through any kind of construction project is hard enough. Construction cleanup is another task altogether. HSJ Services is your go-to company for post-construction cleanup that’s a breeze, with a detailed cleaning process to remove the dust and debris that accumulates throughout construction.  Once your contractor puts the finishing touches on your… Continue reading Post-Construction Cleanup

Multi-Site Retail Stores

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Other Industries

Modern Airport Departure Lounge Area

CSG is a nationwide company that has vast experience cleaning a wide variety of commercial buildings. We understand the ins and outs of all the industries we serve because we have made it our business to become experts on their commercial cleaning needs. No matter your industry, CSG is up for the challenge. Our state-of-the-art… Continue reading Other Industries


Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, Building in Washington DC. The SEC regulates stocks and bonds and related financial activities.

Cleaning municipalities presents a number of unique challenges. Let CSG help you ensure that your city services are clean, healthy, and safe. Public buildings are kept clean on strict budgets outlined at the beginning of the fiscal year for municipalities. CSG has experience in working within these guidelines to keep these buildings clean for all… Continue reading Municipalities

Office Building Cleaning Services

For a building owner or property manager, there are many reasons to have your office building cleaned professionally. Providing a healthy environment will not only keep your current tenants happy and healthy, but will also attract new tenants to fill spaces that could come up in the future. Most companies that are seeking new office… Continue reading Office Building Cleaning Services

Restaurants and Hospitality

Modern restaurant interior, part of a hotel

Restaurants, hotels, convention centers, and other hospitality facilities require the services of a specialized and skilled company to handle their cleaning needs. All hospitality buildings have specialized equipment that need to be cleaned by knowledgeable cleaning technicians. Here are a few reasons why you should investigate your cleaning services before hiring. Adhering to Health Codes… Continue reading Restaurants and Hospitality

School Cleaning Services

Educational cleaning presents a number of challenges, in part because sanitation and cleanliness are not top of mind for most students, who are rightfully more focused on their lessons than they are on the cleanliness of their school. Our goal when cleaning an educational facility is not only to create an impeccably clean learning environment… Continue reading School Cleaning Services

Medical Cleaning Services

Maintaining a clean environment in a medical facility is critical. A clean facility reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAI) for patients and ensures a safe and healthy work environment for your staff. A clean medical facility also frequently has higher ratings, which can lead to more business and higher profitability. Especially during the COVID-19… Continue reading Medical Cleaning Services

Gym And Fitness Center

Gyms and fitness centers are all about promoting good health, and the condition of your facility is an important part of that. In a space where people are sweating, breathing heavily and interacting with all kinds of fitness equipment, there is a major opportunity for the spread of germs, bacteria and dirt in workout rooms,… Continue reading Gym And Fitness Center

Grocery Stores

For retail and grocery stores, the difference between a clean environment and a dirty one could be the difference between a one-time customer and a lifetime customer. No matter how fresh the produce or how great the service, if customers find dirty floors and restrooms in your store, it will taint their perception of your… Continue reading Grocery Stores

Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Distribution centers have practically the most movement of people and things than any other kind of building. There are always large commercial vehicles dropping off truckloads of boxes and pallets, people there to receive them, and even more people coming in to pick up products. The constant movement increases the amount of dust and dirt… Continue reading Warehouse and Distribution Centers


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