Labor Staffing

Do you have times throughout the year when you have an increased need for additional labor?  Fluctuations in demand pose serious challenges for managers of retail stores, warehouses & distribution centers. Whether it be due to seasonal volume, a reduced labor market, changes in the economy, and other factors this can often times leave your… Continue reading Labor Staffing


Vinyl floors have always been popular in commercial spaces because of the material’s durability, but today, more and more people are turning to luxury vinyl tile for their buildings’ floor material of choice. Like other vinyl flooring, LVT is resistant to damage from dents, moisture, and heat, with the added benefits of more realistic textures and… Continue reading LVT Floor Care (LUXURY VINYL TILE)


Durable, attractive and versatile, ceramic tiles are a classic choice for floors in the busiest rooms and spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and other high-traffic areas in your office or commercial space. If your business enjoys beautiful ceramic floors, you know how great they look underfoot— until they get dirty or scratched. Like all floor… Continue reading CERAMIC TILE FLOOR CARE


If your building or facility receives a high volume of foot traffic, you probably appreciate the durability of your rubber floors. The natural elasticity of the rubber makes it especially resilient to being trodden on all day, not to mention resistant to water, scuffs, scratches and stains. There’s really not much rubber floors can’t handle… Continue reading RUBBER FLOOR CARE

Resilient VCT Tile Care

Your VCT tile floors take a beating every day. After all, that’s what they’re meant to do. VCT, or vinyl composition tile, is ideal for commercial floors with lots of traffic, thanks to its durability and ability to hold its original shape no matter how much impact or traffic it incurs. But that doesn’t mean… Continue reading Resilient VCT Tile Care

Stone Floor Care

There’s nothing quite as impressive as walking into a facility with impeccably kept stone floors. More and more, designers and architects are choosing natural stone flooring like marble, granite, limestone, slate and terrazzo to create a feeling of grandeur and elegance in office buildings, hotels, retail stores and other commercial spaces. But caring for a… Continue reading Stone Floor Care

Concrete Floor Polishing

USA’s Commercial Concrete Floor Cleaning & Polishing Experts</p > We are DEDICATED to quality and cost control because inconsistent concrete floor polishing is bad for business as well as your brand. We work with large national retailers and now you can get the same results. Save money and hassles while getting perfect concrete polishing -try us and… Continue reading Concrete Floor Polishing


In addition to traditional janitorial services, many property managers and building owners want their contractor to take care of outside services. CSG has the staff, equipment and experience to handle outside services. Our services include, but are not limited to: Pressure washing Parking lot maintenance Landscaping Your first impression with clients and customers is the… Continue reading Outside


CSG’s Sanitizing Wipes are used in gyms, grocery stores, retail stores, office buildings, schools, hospitals, well…let’s just say anywhere germs reside and are easily transferred. Why use CSG’s sanitizing wipes? CSG wipes can be used to disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize hundreds of surfaces and items around your facility and they’re safe for people and safe… Continue reading Sanitizing

Cleanup Services

Construction is a messy, dirty, dusty job. When your building is ready for occupancy, the last thing you want to do is tackle the dust that gets left behind. You’ve chosen the best-of-the-best contractors to handle your new construction or renovation projects, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best at cleaning up after themselves. You’re… Continue reading Construction
Cleanup Services

Emergency and
Disaster Cleanup

A responsible building owner knows they must be prepared for anything. No matter the chances of disaster striking, having a plan of attack for what to do once the emergency has passed will get your building back on its feet faster. CSG is the partner you need in the case of disaster cleanup. Emergency and… Continue reading Emergency and
Disaster Cleanup

National Cleaning

If you manage multiple commercial sites across a region or throughout the country, it’s time to do yourself a favor. The time has come to simplify your job with expert national cleaning services from Cleaning Services Group. At CSG, we understand the importance of a consistently clean facility and how it reflects on your business… Continue reading National Cleaning


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