Keeping a hospital running smoothly is a hard job, but that job is made exponentially more difficult if you’re faced with low-quality hospital cleaning. Unfortunately, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness is a struggle for some hospitals to achieve, particularly if they’re experiencing budget challenges.  Hospital cleaning contractors and employees are consistently asked to do more hospital cleaning with less manpower, less cleaning equipment and product, and less time.

What are the problems that hospitals combat when they face low-quality hospital cleaning? Read on for more information.

Hospital Acquired Infections on the Rise

In North America in particular, low-quality hospital cleaning has led to a shockingly high number of hospitals that are dealing with hospital acquired infections (HIA) outbreaks, specifically dangerous diseases like C. Difficile and MRSA. An HIA occurs when a person enters the hospital for treatment or surgery, and while they were in the hospital, they contracted an infection.

Unfortunately, C.Difficile and MRSA are both highly resistant to drugs and hard to treat. When medically fragile patients contract these diseases, their health— if not their life— is in serious danger.

Technological Advancements in Hospital Cleaning Aren’t Enough

There are many technological advances that are starting to hit the market in order to try to combat this situation. For example, there is a hospital in Tennessee that started using robots to clean hospital rooms after a patient has left it. If you’re imagining Rosie from “The Jetsons,” we’re sorry to disappoint you.

These robots are cylindrical in shape; they’re wheeled into an empty room that has already been sanitized and cleaned. Next, they are programmed with the room’s dimensions and, after any humans have left the room, they activate to emit a very bright UV light that will kill any microscopic germs left in the room.

These robots take anywhere from 10-20 minutes to finish the process. While they’re not ready to roll out in every hospital— and not every hospital may be able to afford them— there are things that can be done in the meantime to ensure every measure is being taken to strengthen hospital cleanliness.

Stopping HIAs in Their Tracks

Many studies have shown that the tasks hospital cleaning contractors focus on might not be contributing to the spread of HIAs. High touch areas, such as banisters, doors, countertops, or even medical equipment like a pulse oximeter, are not cleaned as frequently as the floors are. Hospital administrators might want the floors kept clean for patient perception of hospital cleanliness, but to actually protect patients from HIAs, the high touch areas are much more important to clean thoroughly.

Studies have also shown that cleaning a patient room just once a day may not be enough to keep the spread of disease at bay. The sheer number of people who go in and out of a patient room, along with the types of treatment happening in a patient’s room, might require more than one cleaning to prevent cross-contamination.

There are things that can be done by hospital cleaning contractors to ensure that the highest levels of hospital cleaning are being performed:

  • Always switch gloves when going from one cleaning area to the next, even if you are in the same room.
  • High touch areas must be focused on strongly, this includes equipment that is used in multiple rooms.
  • Hospital cleaning should be done from clean to dirty. This means you’ll start in the cleanest area of the patient room you are in, and move to the dirtiest, likely the bathroom.
  • Every effort should be made to prevent cross contamination. Do not use the same rag to wipe down more than one patient room. Change out mop bucket water every time, etc.

Can You Put a Price On Your Patients’ Health?

The extra time it takes for hospital cleaning services might seem like too high of a cost. In the modern age, however, it is too high of a cost not to. Patients can now go online and do consumer research about hospital records. If a hospital has a bad reputation for cleanliness or multiple outbreaks of HIAs, patients may choose to go elsewhere to receive their medical care. The bottom line of the hospital will be drastically hit if they don’t ensure hospital cleaning services are up to par.

CSG cleaning company is a national commercial cleaning group that has over 40 locations served in the United States. CSG uses the latest cleaning processes and technologies to ensure our clients have the cleanest and healthiest environments possible.

Our cleaning technicians are highly trained in the industries they serve, so you can be sure the teams cleaning your hospital are knowledgeable about the specific ins and outs of cleaning in and around patients, hospital equipment, and hospital staff. If you’re looking for a cleaning company experienced in hospital cleaning, fill out a form for more information about our hospital cleaning contracts, or to request to speak with one of our excellent team members in our customer service department.


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