Floor care in a commercial building can be a huge job, and the impact of a properly maintained floor can’t be underestimated. A dirty, dilapidated floor leaves visitors to your building with a negative impression that will be hard to dispel.

Fortunately, preserving the integrity of your flooring is easier than ever before; the technology used in floor care is advancing in response to innovations in the manufacturing of flooring and floor care equipment.

Importance of Floor Care Maintenance

Building owners and property managers today are focused on their budgets. Costs are high, tenant fees low, and many buildings have too much empty space. Budget constraints mean that the budget for maintenance can end up on the chopping block. However, there are valid reasons to keep your floors properly maintained.

  • Asset Preservation: Flooring is expensive. Taking good care of your building’s floors can be a huge money saver in the long run. Poorly maintained flooring can lead to early replacement, costing you both time and cash.
  • Image: Yes, we mentioned it before, but it bears repeating; a floor in disrepair is a poor reflection on the business. According to a CDI Research study, when a group of consumers were asked, “What’s the first thing you look at when judging cleanliness?” the most popular response was floors. Visitors might leave believing that you’re unable to afford proper maintenance—an impression you don’t want them to have!
  • Reduce Landfill Waste: It’s far greener to take care of the floors you’ve got than to simply replace them when they fall into disrepair. This care for the earth is a plus in today’s green-conscious society.
  • Safety: A clean floor is a safe floor, particularly in commercial buildings. Slip and fall accidents are a tremendous liability; it’s far cheaper to properly maintain your floors than to face a huge lawsuit payout.

Flooring Materials

The days of simply waxing and buffing a building’s hardwood floors are gone; now, many buildings use different, more modern forms of flooring. Of course, this presents new challenges for floor maintenance. Let’s look at some of the new options for flooring.

  • Laminate: This very popular flooring has the look of hardwood without the intense maintenance that goes along with it. It’s less expensive, easy to install, and good for smaller areas.
  • Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT): This is the mainstay of commercial flooring, and its updated form, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is even more popular. A process used in manufacturing makes it even easier to maintain, as it no longer needs on-site application of a topical finish.
  • Concrete: Polished concrete is simple to maintain, and lends buildings a more sleek and modern appearance. It’s easy maintenance and beauty makes it a popular choice.
  • Bamboo: It’s attractive, it’s fast-growing, and it’s environmentally friendly. Factor in the facts that it’s water-resistant and durable, and it’s an ideal material for buildings.
  • Stone: There are a number of options available for stone flooring; granite, marble, limestone, or slate are all beautiful and very nearly indestructible. With the many colors and patterns available, you’re sure to find something that will give you the look you desire.

What’s New in Floor Care Maintenance and Equipment

As the materials advance, the cleaning methods are expected to keep up with them. The old-fashioned floor machine is quickly going the way of the horse and buggy, and you might find yourself wondering how to proceed. Here’s a breakdown of some of the latest developments in floor care.

  • Smaller Scrubbers: These are more portable, easier to store, quieter, and they are cordless, making them easy to maneuver in small spaces. Additionally, they dry as they scrub, and there’s no unappealing residue when you’re finished.
  • Updated Floor Machines: Advancements in recent years include the square or rectangular floor scrubbing machines. This means that they can clean the corners and the edges of each room. This is a major timesaver, reducing manual cleaning significantly. No more hands and knees scrubbing in the corners and edges of the room. Also, there are also cylindrical brush machines, which are simple to use and environmentally friendly. They use fewer chemicals and less water, and the brush means that there’s a deeper clean than ever before.
  • Robotics: Robotic devices have been around for a long time, but in recent years the industry has really started to embrace them; while they’re not quite ready to replace a human cleaning crew, robotic cleaners are definitely becoming more proficient. These blue-tooth controlled devices can perform basic tasks, leaving the humans free to do the more complex work.

It’s smart to stay abreast of the ever-changing trends in commercial floor care. Even though the look of the flooring might change, expectations for quality maintenance stay the same. Cleaning Services Group would be happy to help you preserve your flooring in the most up-to-date manner.


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