Commercial Cleaning Services in Syracuse, NY

Thorough commercial cleaning services in Syracuse

Selecting a commercial cleaning company can have a major impact on your business. And all national cleaning services are not created equal! 

A reliable service will save you time, increase your peace of mind, and ensure you put your best foot forward for all visitors to your retail space. Conversely, an undependable, shoddy, commercial cleaning company will provide less than desirable results and might even cause you a major headache. 

National janitorial services for commercial buildings require specialized expertise, equipment, processes, and products. CSG, Inc. is the leading national commercial cleaning services provider. 

CAP, our proprietary technology, allows us to share real-time service tracking, scheduling, audits, and key performance indicators with our customers. So what does this mean for you as one of our customers? CAP allows us to be highly communicative with our clients and always 100% accountable for our results. 

Here is a sampling of our Syracuse commercial cleaning service offerings: 

National floor maintenance services

Hard floors are major assets in commercial buildings. They can cost you tens of thousands of dollars if they fail or wear out and need to be replaced. Floors are also undoubtedly one of the first things your customers notice when they enter your facility. At CSG, Inc. we work with our commercial clients to create comprehensive national hard floor cleaning service plans to ensure your underfoot surface is clean, attractive, and lasts as long as possible.  

As part of our janitorial services in Syracuse, we will create a customized approach that works best for your facility. 

Our floor care services in Syracuse include: 

  • Concrete floor cleaning service – Concrete floors need regularly scheduled deep cleanings. We will visit your locations to assess the condition of your floors. To inform our approach, we use specialized tools to determine your floors’ moisture level and density. From there, we assess which of our services will suit your needs and falls within your budget. Our most popular concrete floor polishing in Syracuse includes using an auto scrubber to apply an acid blocker for a durable, consistent appearance.
  • Resilient VCT tile flooring maintenance – We machine-scrub your VCT floors with a diluted solution and then “spray buff,” or clean and burnish with a burnishing chemical that leaves the surface shiny.
  • Ceramic tile floor cleaning – Ceramic tile is an easy-to-clean, appealing surface for commercial floors. But if it’s not maintained properly, the grout gets dirty and dingy. We will create a tailored ceramic tile cleaning plan per your needs and your floor manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Stone floor maintenance – As a knowledgeable floor maintenance company we can clean and maintain all types of stone flooring –  including granite, marble, travertine, and slate. Our process ensures your stone floor will remain beautiful and last for decades.
  • Rubber flooring upkeep – Rubber flooring is easy to maintain, but because it’s so porous, it does require periodic deeper cleanings to remove ground-in dirt. Following cleaning, we extract excess water and restore the protective finish. 

Premier Syracuse commercial cleaning service

Syracuse, New York is home to a vibrant cultural and commercial community. It is a hub for entertainment, art, and performance spaces, and hosts many annual events. There are four distinct downtown areas, verdant suburban neighborhoods, and, of course, a world-class university. In short, Syracuse is an excellent place to live or own any type of commercial business. 

As the owner of a multi-site grocery or retail store and/or distribution center in Syracuse, you want your customers to see nothing less than a spotless, sanitary, and well-kept space anytime they enter your facility. So, what’s the best way to do that? Hire CSG, Inc., the premier Syracuse commercial cleaning service.

Whether you’re looking for concrete floor polishing in Syracuse or other national janitorial services, CSG, Inc. understands that you want to keep your facility pristine while staying within your maintenance budget. Our services are designed to provide cost-effective solutions and results that live up to your highest standards. Unlike other janitorial cleaning companies, we provide ongoing training for our staff in all areas including technology, training, personnel management, and leadership. 

CSG provides national commercial cleaning services for the following industries

  • Distribution centers 
  • Grocery stores
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Fitness centers
  • Educational establishments
  • Municipalities

Want to learn more about what CSG, Inc., the leading national janitorial service, can do for you? Request a quote today!


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