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Hard Floor Care

Commercial buildings typically contain a variety of surfaces. This is why you need a cleaning service that doesn’t just specialize in hard floor care but fully understands what each flooring material requires. No matter the type of flooring, CSG has you covered.

Here are just a few of the floor surfaces we care for:

Hard Floor Care Matters

You might not think much about it when you walk on it every day, but one of the first things visitors to your facility will see is your floor. It’s not enough to just sweep it now and then. The overall condition of your floor matters. It’s a large surface area that you can’t exactly hide, so give it the treatment it deserves.

There are many reasons why regular hard floor care should be a priority when planning maintenance projects for your building, and CSG is prepared to support each of those reasons with the quality of hard floor care services we provide.

Public Perception

Surveys have shown that the cleanliness of the floor in a facility affects people's perceptions of that facility in general. In fact, in a retail store study, 86% of customers say they will not return to a store if they thought the floors were unclean. Let us make sure that the only thing your visitors notice about your floor is how clean it is.

Workplace Safety

Dirt, liquids, and uneven surfaces on your floors all create workplace hazards that put employees and visitors at risk for costly accidents. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your facility’s floors reduce these risks. CSG can assess these risks and give customized solutions for your hard floor care.

Routine Maintenance Cuts Costs

If your floors aren’t being cared for on a regular basis, you’re risking permanent damage like discoloration, peeling, wax build up, scratches, and more. You’ll find yourself paying for more costly repair and replacement projects long before you should need to. By using a regular cleaning service like CSG, you can cut these costs.

Why Choose CSG?

CSG understands that your floor isn’t just a floor, it’s part of your business. That’s why we put so much care and attention to detail into hard floor maintenance. Your floors take a beating every day, but we know how to give them a little TLC so they continue to work for you.

We bring our expertise and high standards to every job we do, ensuring you get the results you want for your facility within your budget. There are many reasons why some of the most recognizable brands in the country work with us. We invite you to learn more about those reasons for yourself.

We Know Why Equipment Matters

Equipment downtime costs everyone more money, which is why we use top of the line equipment with a proactive plan for ZERO DOWNTIME on equipment when we are servicing your floors. We will never waste your time or money with defective equipment.

  • Our certified mechanics are on call nationwide
  • In the rare circumstances that a piece of equipment goes down, our backup equipment is ready to go
  • Each piece of equipment receives weekly equipment audits
  • Each piece of equipment has a full maintenance schedule
  • CSG performs Preventive Maintenance on all equipment every quarter

No One Prepares As We Do

We don’t approach jobs with a one-size-fits-all mentality. We take the time to assess the condition of your floors before creating a unique hard floor care plan for you. We always begin by visiting your site and taking photos of deficiencies so we get a clear understanding of the project.

Next, we devise a plan of action that matches your expectations of how your floors should look. We pick a team of our best floor maintenance experts and train them on the ins and outs of the plan for your facility so by the time work starts everyone is on the same page.

Our Jobs Are Always Supervised

Unlike other cleaning crews, we send a manager to every job who oversees the quality of work being done. This guarantees a job well done and promotes better communication with the customer when questions or issues arise. You will always know who is at your site and who to talk to if you need anything from us.

Hard Floor Care for Every Floor

There isn’t a floor we can’t clean! CSG knows how best to care for every type of floor in your facility. Here are just some of the jobs we do:

  • Concrete floor polishing
  • Ceramic tile floor cleaning
  • Granite floor cleaning services
  • Marble floor cleaning services
  • Terrazzo floor care
  • Slate floor cleaning services
  • VCT Tile floor care services
  • Rubber floor cleaning

We’re the Experts

Many businesses try to do their floor care themselves. While regular sweeping and mopping is great and helps prevent a lot of the wear and tear we see in floors, some floor surfaces require special equipment, chemicals, and know-how to truly clean them without causing damage. If you want the job done right guaranteed, call CSG today.

Maintenance Scheduling for Hard Floor Care

Don’t skip out on great floor care.  Let us create a personalized maintenance plan for you. CSG schedules your hard floor care maintenance one year in advance so you have a plan ready.

Floor traffic is considered when scheduling the services, with high traffic lanes receiving extra maintenance and care versus low traffic areas. And don’t worry, our personalized care won’t drive up the bill. Your budget is always a top consideration when planning your yearly schedule.

Hard Floor Care Services - Cleaning Services Group

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“Sean and Diana - I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to you both. We just successfully remodeled 93 stores and reintroduced them to our customers. CSG manages 56 of the 93 stores. The two of you did a fantastic job managing the madness that comes with remodeling this many stores at one time. I am sure we moved each one of the 56 floor stripping dates five times and then did the same thing with the floor scrubs that accompanied those strips. You both kept me sane during the process so thank you very much!! The stores look fantastic and we owe a lot of that success to the two of you.”

Tim R.
Retail Services Specialist, Store Development

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